About Me


My name is Antony (Ant) Messerli and I’m a Linux Engineer. I’ve been using computers since an early age and enjoy all aspects of technology. I work heavily with open source software and love hacking on code. I enjoy working on server hardware, automating all the things, and virtualization.

What is your current role?

I’m currently a Principal Engineer at Rackspace. I work in the Infrastructure Practice Area with the Compute division working on new ideas and concepts for the product. I’m currently working heavily with the Xen Project, KVM, OpenStack, and the Open Compute project on x86 and OpenPower. I'm also working on Datacenter Automation tool for netbooting a massive fleet of hypervisors.

Why does this resume look so different?

This resume has been written in Markdown and uses MkDocs to generate the content. I love to use Git so I decided to put the entirety of my resume onto Github.